About Christine

Design is like life, you have to go through the good, the bad and the ugly to come out the other side a little bit wiser—celebrating and learning from those experiences is what can make good design great. I spent my childhood bouncing between dreams of being an artist, astronaut, veterinarian or paleontologist and am blessed to have parents that instilled in me the confidence to know that if I believed I could, I would. Luckily along the way I had a very wise, very curly haired friend who showed me the magic of digital design and I never went back.

I devote my days to designing for a 6,000+ person health system in Southern Indiana and my nights to freelancing. I’m a big believer in giving yourself down time to recharge and I like to spend mine traveling, hiking, running and binge watching zombie movies and episodes of Doctor Who with my husband who, for whatever reason, has always been listed in my address book as “Thor God of Thunder” (despite the fact that after 10 years of friendship he’s clearly more of a Captain America).

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